Text Update

Hi, all. I figured I would do a complete text update this time. Not really feeling like making a whole video and rendering it out and all that jazz. That takes a long while.

Anyway, I’m still working away. I mentioned there would be long stints of silence while I worked, yeah?

Last weekend I spent the entire weekend drawing a single background that would be shown on screen for the intro to scene 3 (I work on the scenes out of order, mind you). I’m starting to hammer away at scene 3, which is the longest scene and comes in two parts. The first section is a minute long, while the second section is over 3 minutes long.

Which brings me to another point. Starting scene 3 was the point where I needed to make a lot of critical decisions on how I’d proceed with the project on the backend. Not going to say more than that, but it resulted in me having to go through and redo sections of scene 3 that were previously ready to animate. It’s taken a few weeks to get it back to the state where I can animate it, but I think they’re changes that will allow me to finish the project closer to what I want in terms of script and connecting potential future episodes. If I didn’t make these changes I feel like I’d be releasing it with content missing. Slogging through the work did sap my motivation to work for quite a while.. and I’m still trying to get my motivation back. But as things shape up, I find myself more and more willing to work.

Anywho, hope that the comics are filling some void in your life in the meantime while you wait.


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