Episode 1: The Freedom Fighters

Located in Westside Island, the city of Mobotropolis was once a lush, thriving community. However, their ruler, King Acorn, made a grave mistake when he invited Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik into the city. Through trickery and deceit, Eggman became the King’s chief advisor and raised a robot army to take the city for his own. On the night of the mad doctor’s takeover, King Acorn mysteriously disappeared, but his daughter, Princess Sally, had managed to escape along with the other children.

Forced to relocate to Knothole Village in Wood Zone, Sally spent her days believing firmly that her father was still alive, and that he would take back the kingdom one day. Eventually, she hears word of a super-fast hero who dealt with Eggman’s robots easily, and she tracks him down, hoping to seek his help to find her father.

However, she is soon to realize that not all heroes are knights in shining armor and that you can’t always wait for someone else to save you…