Project Direction.

Hey all. …(For those of you who read this). I wanted to give a bit of an update on where the project has been going.

I went into this project with the knowledge that I would need help to finish the Project Origins Game–There is just some aspects of game design that I don’t have expertise in to finish it myself–But I haven’t had any luck with contributors to the project.

I still want to produce a game though, and I still want to make something awesome with this project and idea. But I need to wait until I garner some interest on the game project to finish what do I do? I think I have a solution.

For right now, it would be a good idea to take a step back and work on the Project Origins story rather than the game itself. As you might notice, Project Origins lacked a bit in the Story department. I’d like to fix that.

So what I’m intending to do is to make a 5-10 minute 2D SatAM-esuqe animated short based on the story behind Project Origins. This would allow me to produce something cool and I woundn’t need a huge amount of help to complete an animation. It’s still a big undertaking, but so is a game.

Therefore, at this point the game has been shelved in favor of..

Project Origins, The Animation.

So TL,DR: No game for now, but you get a cartoon instead! Hurrah!

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