Long-ish sorta update

Hey, all.

It’s been some time and I just wanted to let you know how things are progressing.

The trailer is still on track and being worked on. Right now, I am going through and cleaning up the sketches and coloring/compositing them at the same time. It’s a slower process to do it that way, but it allows me to dedicate time to one little scene at a time and finish it before moving on, which is a better workflow for me personally.

Once I get the last couple scenes from the beginning finished up, I can give you a more accurate count of how many seconds of the trailer are complete overall. (I’m doing the scenes out of order based on what I feel like doing, so it’s not straight forward right now.)

I’m hopping back and forth between working on the trailer and my comic book. For the last few weeks I’ve been in a trailer sort of mood, so I’ve been dedicating free time exclusively to that. It might change over the next few days, but I want to get the first section of the trailer done! I’m MOTIVATED! (There are 4 ‘sections’ of it, by the way. Intro, middle, ending and then the bumper.)

Video updates are still.. on the doc. I wrote a quick script and recorded it, but then I found out that my new place has an unfortunate reverb problem that my current mic may not be able to overcome. I’ll have to figure that out.. Soon.

Have any questions? Feel free to ask on the Tumblr page: http://sonicorigins.tumblr.com

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  1. Woorw thats are good news. Im so happy than you feel motiveted to conitinue. Believe me, the fans NEED pruyects like this

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