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Character Development

When watching the animatic, you may notice that the characters don’t act like their counterparts in SatAM, or even the comic books at large. This is because, as episodes progressed, Sonic and Sally were supposed to learn how to work with one another. Sally was going to learn that a Princess title was just a title and that practical intelligence would be just as valuable as book smarts. Sonic would learn how to better work with others and how to properly treat friends.

In the end, the underlying theme was that Sonic’s skill to ‘go fast’ wasn’t really what made him special.  What made Sonic special was having the guts to do something about a threat when no one else dared to. And, when Sally began to fight as well, they would be on equal footing in that regard.

As a poignant line in Episode 4 would say: “If you wanna make a difference, it doesn’t take skill,  it just takes the guts to get up and do it.”

Episode Synopsis

Episode 1, “The Freedom Fighters”: The Kingdom of Mobotropolis has been taken over and the royal family has gone missing. Years later, Sally is on the search for her father and comes across a hero she hopes can find him. When he shoots her down, she decides to begin the search herself. She and Antoine take up the mantle of becoming Freedom Fighters.

Episode 2, “The School of Hard Knocks”: As Sally and Antoine begin Freedom Fighting by destroying scout robots near their village.  They are joined by Tails, who discovers that they weren’t freeing the Flickies inside the machines and that the machines were still able to function. In a panic, Tails takes them back to Sonic’s tree-house hideout and they discover that the Freedom Fighters escapades have lead Robotnik straight to Sonic’s door. Sonic fights one of the largest robots he’s ever seen, and only wins with Tail’s help.

Episode 3, “Another Way”: Discouraged, Sally considers giving up Freedom Fighting until she meets Rotor. His passion for electronics inspires her to try and learn how Robotnik’s robots function. In the meantime, Sonic tries to play Damage control to clean up Sally’s mess. He goes to Knothole and confronts her, but Rotor informs him that they managed to find an island where Robotnik is manufacturing his machines.

Episode 4, “It’ll just fall apart”: Sonic and Sally go to the island base in order to destroy the manufacturing facility. They trigger the alarm, much to Sonic’s detest, and the two of them must work together to get out.  They manage to achieve their goal of destroying the facility, and the series would end with Sonic saying that the Freedom Fighter thing “might work out after all”, but that he was sure it would fall apart pretty soon.

The final screen would say that the Archie Comics lasted over two decades.



  • Scene 1 was the least complete out of all the scenes. I intended to have many of the NPC winners of the contest appear here. There is also all the male voice clips missing for the background noise.
  • Scene 2 was supposed to have many child characters from the OC contest. There was also initially a cameo of Rotor in the scene, which was cut later on.
  • Scene 2 added a line from Rosie, where she told Amy to play Tarot cards instead of adventuring outside of Knothole.
  • Scene 3 had many dialogue changes. The first notable change was that the scene would begin with a Flickie exiting the robot that Sonic is seen nudging with his foot. This was supposed to be pertinent in Episode 2, where Sally would aim to defeat robots but wouldn’t release the flickies because she didn’t know they served as a power source – ergo not ‘defeating’ the robots – and the robots would follow Sally back to Knothole. There would then be a large action scene where Sonic had to defeat a guard robot which resulted from this.
  • The bit about Sonic chomping on a chilidog was changed to actual dialogue. Instead, he says “I’d really wanna help you out but, you see, I have this  problem with people bossin’ me around.”
  • Scene 3 also featured a change where Sonic mocked Sally’s Princess title. This was meant to tie it closer to the Fleetway comics.
  • Scene 3 was changed to end on Sally getting her hair caught in another tree, prompting her actions in scene 4 of cutting it because it was such a hassle to deal with.
  • Scene 4 Included a new line which emphasized Sally’s despair of not being able to depend on heroes, therefore she would take up her cause on her own. This was added for clarification.

Voice Clips

These clips are on behalf of LauraBlue and GeekySonic. I’m so sorry that I wasn’t able to use all of the dialogue in the animatic!


I didn’t have much in terms of songs, but here are a couple arrangements that were going to be used.

Ending Credits, Courtesy of Armando Carrozza aka The Protagonist


In Conclusion

Well, there you have it. These are fragments of the last year of work. I wish I could have finished it completely, but it is what it is. I must’ve spent months planning out the fight scene in episode 2 and last battle in episode 4. …. Sigh.