Is this a flash animation?
No. It’s hand-drawn and hand colored.

When are you releasing?
Project Origins will not be released early, and it will not be released late. It will be released precisely when it’s meant to. (This is a fancy way of saying I don’t have an intended date right now.)

Do you have any Social Media info?
There is the Discord here, Twitter here, and Tumblr here.

Where is (Fillintheblank) character?
The characters were chosen for the script based on who makes sense to be in that particular place at that particular time. If a character doesn’t show up or doesn’t have a huge roll, they didn’t fit the scene. They may show up later, they may not.

But you could do so much with (Fillintheblank) character! It’s lazy to leave them out.
You use the term ‘lazy’. I do not think you know what that means. Now excuse me while I draw and color approximately 200,000 images by myself to do this one episode :/

So do you support the Pre-Genesis Wave, The Reboot, IDW comics, SatAm, Boom or what?!
…Iunno. I like Sonic. Go buy all of them.

Why does the main page say ‘episode 1’? How many episodes are there?
I’ve planned for there to be 4 episodes in the series. So if a character doesn’t show up or doesn’t get focus in one episode, it may be that they show up in another episode. However, I’m only dedicating my attention to episode 1 right now. It takes a great deal of effort AND money to produce episodes, so I’m only going to continue the series is the episodes get decent reception and I feel like doing more of them.

OMG I found an error in the writing/art!!!11!1
Okay? And?

What time period is this?
It’s based on the era before the Freedom Fighters are established. As such, it has more of a ‘Classic Sonic’ feel about it. The designs are inspired by the same era in the comic book reboot from Archie with a bit of a SatAM twist, but I’m not aiming to adhere to any one specific era. I’m doing my own thing.

Why do the designs in the trailer look different than the finals?
The trailer is meant more as a tech demo, not as a final product. After drawing the characters so many times I realized what needed to be modified for the character designs to work for the long run.

What tone are you going for?
The animation is going to have a lighthearted tone with a pretty grounded base. It’ll have a lot of jokes and visual humor but not be afraid to get a bit serious. If I had to compare it to anything, I’d say the tone is similar to the Sonic Movie. STRANGE, isn’t it.

Uh… Is Sega letting you do this?
The short answer is no, I didn’t get permission. This is a fan-created work. I’m aware that it just takes a C/D from Sega to potentially shut it down. I am aiming to keep it NOT FOR PROFIT for that very reason. My goal in all this is to just do something I’ve always wanted to do and pay tribute to my favorite series of all time.

What if I receive a C/D from Sega? There is no way to predict if or when that will happen. If that does happen, I’ll release as much content as I can so people could see what the final product would have been. I would much, MUCH rather complete it, though.

What software are you using?
I use a combination of Photoshop and Manga Studio EX to animate and color, I edit audio with Adobe Audition, Then I composite the footage and add post-processing with Adobe After Effects.

Can I help?!
Sure. Send all work to sonicoriginsproject@gmail.com and I’ll review it. You must meet a certain quality standard in your work AND be willing to do work in a timely manner. You must also love Sonic in ALL its incarnations! That means no bashing others because they like one era more. 😐

But bear in mind…I’m not going to refuse help, but please don’t come at this from the angle that you want to make a load of creative decisions and that you just want your name attached without doing any work. Anyone can give ideas but it takes a lot of dedication and know-how to make those ideas a reality.