Sonic Origins Background Character Contest

Announcing the Sonic Origins Background Character Contest!

If you’d like to design a character to appear in the background (Or maybe even the foreground..) of the Sonic Origins, here is your chance.


There are 10 available roles I’m looking to fill:

  • 2 City Guards for Scene 1
  • 3 General Background Characters for Scene 1
  • 5 Child Characters for scene 2

You may either draw a new character design OR enter a pre-existing character design that you’ve made and loved. You may enter up to 3 character designs per person by emailing an image, your name, and your characters name to  The title of the email MUST be “Sonic Origins Character Contest Entry” (Yes you can submit multiple images for a single character.) The contest will run from Now to December 30th 2017.


  • Top winners will have their character appear fully animated in Sonic Origins.
  • You’ll also receive a model-sheet of your character in full color.

Some notes:

  • Your art skill does not matter, your creativity matters. Artists of any skill level can enter.
  • Credits for each character will appear at the end of that episode with your name as its creator. If you are uncomfortable with anything pertaining to rights, email, message, note, or ask me and I’ll try to be as clear as possible.
  • Characters have to fit into the script and within the roles that have already been written and recorded. Sorry, but you’ll have little to no say in what the character does or how they act. A character may have a specific job in the animation that they might not have in your characters story.
  • There is no winning by default. I will not pick characters because only so many designs are submitted. I pick them because they fit the role. If none fit the role, then I will design my own.
  • If your character is chosen, please do not pester about progress or design. Questions are fine, but complaining or bugging about release dates is not. If I do get pestered, I will just remove the character.   ¯\(ツ)/¯

Keys to success:

  • Designs that are easy to draw and color are more likely to win. Spots, patterns, or elaborate clothing is not practical to draw repeatedly.
  • Characters have to fit into this world and the art style… Meaning that the designs should look somewhat like they belong in the Sonic Universe. No weird creatures or drawings that are NSFW.
  • I have to repeatedly draw a character, so they will be redrawn by me in the art style that is most animation-ready. Animation-ready means that I may have to parse some details from them to make them easy to draw. Be sure that you are not offended by slight changes in drawings.

Go fourth and draw!


I’ve started the process of putting together the trailer! And guys.. I’m dying a little inside from how good it is. I can’t wait until people see it.

That’s all. I just wanted to flail a little bit about it!

Voice Auditions

Casting is now closed for Project Origins. Thank you for all who have applied to be part of the voice cast!

If we do additional episodes and I end up having to cast more characters, I’ll hold a separate casting for those. But for now, I think we have all of what we need to get the audio finished off.

Thanks again for everyones hard work and your time. All in all, we’ve gotten 174 entries for 11 roles. I’ll be updating you as things move forward and we have more news.


Popping in to give a quick progress update.

We have music for the trailer! I’ll post it on Youtube alongside the trailer when it’s published later. It’s called “Freedom Rising” composed by Jose Pavli. You can check his other work out at

A rough storyboard has been completed to go along with the Trailer/Script which I’m working to make into a rough animatic that our voiceactors and voiceactresses can use to see what’s going on.

I’ve also chosen a song for the intro and I have a storyboard roughly figured out.. though I’m still not 100% on if I wanna go with it the storyboard I have or do something else. We’ll see. I’m planning on trying to get a remix of of the intro song composed just for Origins and seeing if the voice actresses we hire are willing to sing for it. But I know that might not be what they signed up for, so I have a backup plan just in case!

Voice tryouts have 5 days left to submit entries.

Ahhh… that’s all. 8D