It’s been a while since I’ve updated for Sonic Origins. Since January, yeh? There was a simple reason for that: namely, I was working on the project. “I’m still animating” is not an exciting thing to update with all the time. When I said that there would be a long gap between content updates while I worked… I meant it.

Last month I took a small break from animating to work on the Sonic Legacy project. Sonic Legacy is a comic project that is being produced by the Sonic Paradox team. I would take occasional breaks when animating to refresh myself, do something different, and look away from the animation for a while. It helped me stay away from burning out. I’d still pick at the animations when I had a minute, though.

But unfortunately, this Monday I had something very bad happen….. the files for Sonic Origins no longer exist. Yes, I did try to back up the files regularly. But the files for the project got so large and unruly that I needed another device to house them. Since money is tight, I relied on work bonuses to buy additional memory. I bought two memory cards and neither was compatible or large enough to hold the project. I was working towards my third storage device when the device I worked on just… randomly died. I panicked and scraped together money that I don’t have to hire a data recovery service to get the files back and they ended up refunding my money because it was so beyond repair.

I’m aware that this could have prevented if had the ability to back up content (I did so regularly on Google Drive before the files became too large.) What sucks is that I was aware of this issue and trying to correct it.

I am also aware that I could start the project over from the beginning and continue since I still have the script/audio files/animatic saved elsewhere… But, after a solid year of work and putting too much money into this project, I don’t think I could continue it from square one and have my heart in it at all. I have ignored all my other projects for well over a year in order to dedicate time to Origins. I can’t imagine going back and spending another year to get back to the place that I was at. Would it really take me that long to redo work I’ve done already? No. But I’m sure it would take a significant part of that year. A lot of what was taking so long was making each component look good enough to where I was satisfied with it…and the fact that I was doing ALL the roles; Animator, producer, compositor, audio editor, talent scout..… I’ve spent entire weekends on one background image for one single shot because I wanted it to look awesome. There’s no way to ‘short cut’ things like that. It just takes hard work and time.

What I’m planning to do now is content dump all the stuff I do have backed up onto the website.  This includes audio files, the planned comic stories, storyboards, scripts, additional episode ideas, et al. I might stitch together the animatics into a ‘movie’ and post it so that people could watch what the episode was intended to be. I’m still on the fence about this… I tossed all the animatics into an After Effects file last night to see how it would present and honestly, it just makes me feel horrible that anyone would even see it in that state since I’m so used to seeing fully animated scenes. The animatics that were saved are ‘first draft’ and don’t have any of the corrections I spent March and April working on. I could spend some time integrating additional audio and dressing the storyboards up a bit, but I have to wonder if it’s worth the time.

I spent the entire week being depressed about it, but it is what it is. I wish I could have shown people the cool content I worked hard on but it’s not meant to be.  I’m going to dedicate a while spending time on other projects that I’ve neglected for the past year, Namely Cosmic Chain, the Black Knight Comic I wanted to redo, and some other work I hadn’t talked about. I have 5 issues written for Cosmic Chain and…nearly 23 issues written for the Black Knight Comic. None of these projects are meant to be as all-consuming as Origins was. I may also be seeking to do some short animations for Sonic Paradox or Sonic Legacy once I get the ability to animate again. But it’s going to take some time before I feel like animating again.

Small FAQ:

Does this have anything to do with the Discord shutting down?

No. I shut down the Discord was because it was a distraction. Many of the contests and the comic shorts were created because I didn’t have content to update the discord with, so I was beginning to invent projects for myself to keep the Discord happy. It was drawing attention away from the animation, therefore I thought it best to delete it to focus on animating.

So I noticed that some of the Youtube updates started to go missing before this?

I would delete a Youtube update if it promoted outdated information. For example, there was an update that featured the creation of the Discord Server. I deleted it to prevent inaccurate information from being reflected after the Discord was deleted. This helped me avoid answering questions about outdated info.

Did you put the project on Hiatus?

No. The project was never on Hiatus. I did take a break for a couple weeks to work on pages for other comic projects, but Origins was never set aside completely during those times. Even as I worked on comics I was planning or waiting for additional content to integrate.

What’s going to happen to the website/Twitter/Etc?

I’ll likely let the ownership on the URL expire next year when it comes up to be renewed. I just renewed the site in May so.. K Yeah that kinda sucks. The Twitter will be deleted aannnd.. I haven’t thought of what to do with the Tumblr yet.

What about your Youtube channel?

I need to think of some other purpose for my Youtube channel. It was never meant to be an “origins” channel, it just happened to be where I published the trailer and updates for Origins. Somehow, ONE video I published there amassed a couple thousand watchers… which is more than I have on any of my other social media combined. ._.;; I have a few ideas of what kind of content I could make my Youtube into, but nothing concrete yet. Whatever it is, I want it to focus on positive content only.  For a long time I ignored looking at the Youtube channel because of the negativity. Maybe Game/Sonic related positive content? Iunno.


So…yeah.. it is what it is. I dunno what else to say on the matter. I’ll update when I have some content dumped on the website.

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