Comic Shorts

I wanted to announce that Sonic Origins will come with a several short comic strips prior to its release. Each will focus on a different character and show events leading up to the animation. They will be posted here as they are released.  A release schedule on when each is posted should be coming soon.

Sonic Origins Background Character Contest

Announcing the Sonic Origins Background Character Contest!

If you’d like to design a character to appear in the background (Or maybe even the foreground..) of the Sonic Origins, here is your chance.


There are 10 available roles I’m looking to fill:

  • 2 City Guards for Scene 1
  • 3 General Background Characters for Scene 1
  • 5 Child Characters for scene 2

You may either draw a new character design OR enter a pre-existing character design that you’ve made and loved. You may enter up to 3 character designs per person by emailing an image, your name, and your characters name to  The title of the email MUST be “Sonic Origins Character Contest Entry” (Yes you can submit multiple images for a single character.) The contest will run from Now to December 30th 2017.


  • Top winners will have their character appear fully animated in Sonic Origins.
  • You’ll also receive a model-sheet of your character in full color.

Some notes:

  • Your art skill does not matter, your creativity matters. Artists of any skill level can enter.
  • Credits for each character will appear at the end of that episode with your name as its creator. If you are uncomfortable with anything pertaining to rights, email, message, note, or ask me and I’ll try to be as clear as possible.
  • Characters have to fit into the script and within the roles that have already been written and recorded. Sorry, but you’ll have little to no say in what the character does or how they act. A character may have a specific job in the animation that they might not have in your characters story.
  • There is no winning by default. I will not pick characters because only so many designs are submitted. I pick them because they fit the role. If none fit the role, then I will design my own.
  • If your character is chosen, please do not pester about progress or design. Questions are fine, but complaining or bugging about release dates is not. If I do get pestered, I will just remove the character.   ¯\(ツ)/¯

Keys to success:

  • Designs that are easy to draw and color are more likely to win. Spots, patterns, or elaborate clothing is not practical to draw repeatedly.
  • Characters have to fit into this world and the art style… Meaning that the designs should look somewhat like they belong in the Sonic Universe. No weird creatures or drawings that are NSFW.
  • I have to repeatedly draw a character, so they will be redrawn by me in the art style that is most animation-ready. Animation-ready means that I may have to parse some details from them to make them easy to draw. Be sure that you are not offended by slight changes in drawings.

Go fourth and draw!

The end of the comic era.

Since the Archie comics have concluded, I have made a few changes to the site overall as well as the intention of the project. Though I still love those old comics that Archie printed, I’m not going to complain or moan. I want to see the future endeavors of the comics to be a success because I love this series overall.

I’ve decided to tweak the project and make sure that, while I do my own thing in the animation, I’m still encouraging people to support the Sonic media that is official and is currently running. Therefore, the animation will now include referrals to IDW comics as well to; I won’t refer traffic to Archie Comics since they no longer sell the series or have a vested interest in keeping it around.

Does this mean I’m going to change the designs I have already modeled out to correlate with designs from IDW? No. Does it mean I’m going to end up rewriting or rerecording material? No. This project was charting its own path one way or another, and it’ll continue to do so.

Short list of other updates:
Rewording Site Material
“Images” is now “Screenshots”
Reworked Navigation.

Long-ish sorta update

Hey, all.

It’s been some time and I just wanted to let you know how things are progressing.

The trailer is still on track and being worked on. Right now, I am going through and cleaning up the sketches and coloring/compositing them at the same time. It’s a slower process to do it that way, but it allows me to dedicate time to one little scene at a time and finish it before moving on, which is a better workflow for me personally.

Once I get the last couple scenes from the beginning finished up, I can give you a more accurate count of how many seconds of the trailer are complete overall. (I’m doing the scenes out of order based on what I feel like doing, so it’s not straight forward right now.)

I’m hopping back and forth between working on the trailer and my comic book. For the last few weeks I’ve been in a trailer sort of mood, so I’ve been dedicating free time exclusively to that. It might change over the next few days, but I want to get the first section of the trailer done! I’m MOTIVATED! (There are 4 ‘sections’ of it, by the way. Intro, middle, ending and then the bumper.)

Video updates are still.. on the doc. I wrote a quick script and recorded it, but then I found out that my new place has an unfortunate reverb problem that my current mic may not be able to overcome. I’ll have to figure that out.. Soon.

Have any questions? Feel free to ask on the Tumblr page: