Popping in to give a quick progress update.

We have music for the trailer! I’ll post it on Youtube alongside the trailer when it’s published later. It’s called “Freedom Rising” composed by Jose Pavli. You can check his other work out at

A rough storyboard has been completed to go along with the Trailer/Script which I’m working to make into a rough animatic that our voiceactors and voiceactresses can use to see what’s going on.

I’ve also chosen a song for the intro and I have a storyboard roughly figured out.. though I’m still not 100% on if I wanna go with it the storyboard I have or do something else. We’ll see. I’m planning on trying to get a remix of of the intro song composed just for Origins and seeing if the voice actresses we hire are willing to sing for it. But I know that might not be what they signed up for, so I have a backup plan just in case!

Voice tryouts have 5 days left to submit entries.

Ahhh… that’s all. 8D


Site Brush-Up

The site has been brushed up a bit to prepare for the newly hired voice cast and staff overall. Enjoy the new layout and info!

Project Direction.

Hey all. …(For those of you who read this). I wanted to give a bit of an update on where the project has been going.

I went into this project with the knowledge that I would need help to finish the Project Origins Game–There is just some aspects of game design that I don’t have expertise in to finish it myself–But I haven’t had any luck with contributors to the project.

I still want to produce a game though, and I still want to make something awesome with this project and idea. But I need to wait until I garner some interest on the game project to finish what do I do? I think I have a solution.

For right now, it would be a good idea to take a step back and work on the Project Origins story rather than the game itself. As you might notice, Project Origins lacked a bit in the Story department. I’d like to fix that.

So what I’m intending to do is to make a 5-10 minute 2D SatAM-esuqe animated short based on the story behind Project Origins. This would allow me to produce something cool and I woundn’t need a huge amount of help to complete an animation. It’s still a big undertaking, but so is a game.

Therefore, at this point the game has been shelved in favor of..

Project Origins, The Animation.

So TL,DR: No game for now, but you get a cartoon instead! Hurrah!